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TOM, the green bin that transforms packaging and waste in public places in 8 weeks!

TOM is a special bin: installed in bars, museums, stations, airports, offices, restaurants or other public places, it collects compostable packaging and food waste produced by the premises and transforms them into organic fertilizer within 8 weeks.

TOM is manufactured in Sweden by Orwak, a company that has been designing and manufacturing waste compactors and balers since 1971. With a large worldwide network of representatives it has a good local presence in many of the countries where the systems are installed. Since January 2020, Sulo, a global company based in France, has acquired Sac Group of which Orwak is a part. Sulo offers solutions for the collection and separation of recyclable materials.

With his special vision, TOM sees guests arriving from afar and opens the door as they approach. Thanks to the contactless disposal of waste, it keeps our hands clean!

TOM is about the same size as a conventional waste container, but as the trash is compacted, TOM creates space inside, holding up to seven times more waste than other containers. This reduces the frequency of bag changes. Moreover, if the bin is full it tells you! In fact, it sends a message when it requires a bag change or maintenance.

“TOM likes to dress for the occasion and often wears colorful costumes (wrappings) to fit in or to stand out in particular environment. Look at TOM’s photo section to see his latest outfits!”, Orwak’s page tells.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea?



Photos: from Orwak’s Facebook page.

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