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Special Ideas for more sustainable gifts – How to choose presents more responsibly and pleasantly!

We announced it in the posts on Christmas initiatives: as promised, here is a special article to suggest ideas for choosing gifts more consciously!

Maybe you are doing the slalom between articles, posts and stories that suggest purchases for the holidays, now here is also Dress Ecode on the subject! We have worked hard in the last weeks so that it was not the usual Christmas guide. We are not for pushing to buy in the occasion of a particular holiday or time of the year, because the consumption model we propose wants to spread greater responsibility in our daily choices.

We hope you will find here useful tips not only for buying but also for experiencing this period, and for choosing gifts, with an extra focus on sustainability.

Non troverai una carrellata di marchi e prodotti. Anche perché non riusciremmo a includere tutti quelli che ci piacciono. Abbiamo preferito focalizzarci sulle idee, in linea con la nostra filosofia di diffondere come acquistare in modo più responsabile. Per conoscere brand e artigiani che realizzano i doni che consigliamo, qui sul sito trovi davvero tanti spunti selezionando la categoria «Dove acquistare». You won’t find a roundup of brands and products. Also because we would not be able to include all the ones we like. We preferred to focus on ideas, in line with our philosophy of spreading how to buy more responsibly. To learn about brands and artisans who make the gifts we recommend, here on the site you will find many ideas by selecting the category «Where to buy».

You will not find discounts, because we would like all the work and commitment behind artisanal, handmade, slow and more sustainable products to always be recognized at the right price. Instead, you will find a surprise at the end: how much we like brands that talk about other brands!

Available in preview to the most loyal readers who have chosen to adopt a Dress Ecode, this guide is a gift to all readers.

A long article that becomes a guide, because there are many things to say on the subject of gifts and parties. It is not exhaustive, but full of contents to be read even in episodes, to find tips for choosing gifts in a more responsible and pleasant way, valid all year round, not just at Christmas.
And here it is, a special issue of Dress Ecode dressed up for the holidays!

If you like it and want to receive more, join the group of people who want a greener and more ethical fashion (and lifestyle). You will be able to read the guides that we have already created and you will receive the next ones that we will publish exclusively.

Let us and the brands you decide to buy a gift from know that it was useful* and if you followed a suggestion you read!

Do you want to read the guide? Click on the image below:


* We write as objectively as possible and independently , which is why we choose not to receive sponsorships. If we decide to include advertising information, we will communicate this clearly.



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