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Reading tips: books for traveling between nature, environment, sustainability and fashion

We have created a guide in which we tell about personally read books on nature and ecology. It is not just about texts that concerns sustainable fashion.

Why the choice to offer readings on the broader themes of the environment and sustainability?

Because there is a strong link between the journey towards a greener and more ethical way of dressing and the awareness of our relationship with nature.

In fact, we more easily respect what we know.

The readings we suggest concern texts that push us to make contact with the animal and plant world, to look inside our lives by relating to the environment, to find the strength to take a path that is sometimes not easy, to discover alternatives to consumption and production that are less devastating and, last but not least, which lead us to dream or to go into raptures with poetry, pleasantly leafing through pages.

The guide will be updated over time.

Do you know books to recommend?
Do you want to present a book you have read?

Submit your review – we will publish it with your name in the guide! Write to: contact_us@dressecode.it

The guide with reading advice is part of the guides that we dedicate to our loyal readers, such as the one to more sustainable gift ideas. Choose a Dress Ecode and you will find them in the introductory kit >

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