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Green Fashion Teen (Sofia C.) – The style of the moment and the outfits in a green version

During this pandemic, which forces us to stay at home without being able to see friends or relatives, we often tend to neglect our physical appearance and our way of dressing. Shopping in stores loses interest, fast fashion sites are preferred and comfortable and inexpensive garments are preferred to wear during the day, while studying or relaxing in front of the television.

Fortunately, among the fashion trends of autumn winter 2020-2021 we find garments that offer us the possibility of being comfortable but also fashion.
I’m talking about the cozy style, literally translated as comfy, that is, comfortable and relaxed. The English term cozy comes from the Norwegian koseling which wants to convey the feeling of intimacy, pampering and relaxation.

In this style, fashion gives more space to comfort: jumpsuits, maxi cardigans or maxi pullovers, suits in soft fabric, oversized sweaters and leggings, declined in neutral tones or in romantic pastel shades (powder, baby blue, sand, gray, etc.) .
The materials are pleasant to the touch: wool, mohair or the most precious cashmere.
As for footwear, the inevitable sneakers, amphibians or UGGs complete the look.
In short, this style is perfect both for taking a few walks and for feeling cool when you stay at home, struggling with distance sostenibile green fashion

How to create a cozy outfit?
The garment that absolutely cannot be missing is a cardigan, large, very warm, in wool, or an oversized sweater, with an oversize t-shirt with lettering underneath, but also more sporty crop tops. For the lower part of the look, instead, wide knitted trousers, baggy jeans or leggings will be perfect.

At Dress Ecode we suggest more sustainable and alternative materials and brands to fast fashion. You can see below the outfits chosen for you.

Sofia C. – Green Fashion Teen


Sofia was born and raised in northern Italy and attends the first year of classical high school.

She is interested in writing and fashion; precisely for this reason she decided to start writing for Dress Ecode News: to learn new notions on sustainable fashion and to inspire a change in the way of dressing of his peers, giving them the tools to choose consciously and wear clothes that respect the environment.








1. Felpa

2. T-shirt

3. Leggings


1. Top

2. Trousers

3. Sneakers


1. Top

2. Leggings

3. T-shirt


1. T-shirt

2. Sneakers

3. Trousers


1. T-shirt

2. Suit

3. Slippers


1. Sweater

2. T-shirt

3. T-shirt

4. Sweater

5. Top


1. Coat

2. Dress

3. Coat

4. Boot


Editor’s note: Sofia is our teenager who writes about sustainable fashion for fun and passion, with the approval of the parents we have known for many years.
Engaging and talking to kids about sustainable fashion is a child’s play. This is why we involved Sofia.
Her column, dedicated to boys and girls who want not to give up on fashion but care about the environment, is as slow as our approach to information: Sofia writes when she likes it, compatibly with her school commitments, friends and activities that amuse her.
This is why an article on winter garments can also be released in summer, but we treasure her advice, preparing ourselves for the season that will arrive sooner or later 🙂
Also, please be patient if a garment is no longer available at the link indicated, because we mainly choose second-hand items and it may happen that in the meantime they are purchased. However, there are many alternatives and in case you need help finding them we are here.

If you have any questions for Sofia write us! (

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