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Eco Fashion Labels: the online platform that aims to put sustainable and ethical fashion in front of fast fashion

Eco Fashion Labels is a marketplace dedicated to brands that promote a more responsible fashion. To better understand what they propose and how it is possible to join, we met Mathilde Vaddé, co-founder of the project.

What kind of brands do you feature? How many are there?

“Our platform features more than 60 brands with different values: vegan (PETA too), fairtrade, recycled, upcycled, bio, organic, with many certified GOTS and Oeko-Tex brands. We are working to include second hand as well”.

To be included, do the brands have to match certain criteria? If yes, which are they?

“We only accept sustainable and ethical fashion brands that offer fair wages and working conditions, have transparent manufacturing and are free from animal cruelty”.

The criteria, i.e. the characteristics of the products offered, are:

• Sustainable
• Vegan
• Organic
• Natural materials
• Recycled or up-cycled
• Economic empowerment – Fairtrade
• Handmade
• Artisan craft
• Charity or Second Hand (work in progress)
• Eco certified
• Local production

How many aspects  have to be satisfied to be part of Eco Fashion Labels?

“Of course the more, the better. One of our goals, as a marketplace, is to be a platform and a showcase for small emerging brands, so it happens to accept brands with only one value of those. Moreover, some values can’t coexist: if a brand makes recycled real leather accessories, it can’t be vegan too. Before accepting a brand we have a thorough application process, in collaboration with the brand itself, to check if they really are sustainable. We look at their certificates (Gots, Fairtrade, Oeko-Tex, Peta etc) but also at their materials, which have to be sustainable (organic cotton, Tencel, Modal, recycled etc)”.

Where do the brands come from (where are they located)? Worldwide?

“We mainly work with European brands, but we also have brands in Japan or India. We don’t exclude anyone, but it’s critical to support local buying. This is done with localization tools as well”.

How does the platform work (for clients and for brands)?

“Clients can use the platform as any e-commerce site. All items are categorized by genre, and you can browse by label and country too. We have a Loyalty Program for users to gain points and get special discounts. Brands can upload items and products with their images and descriptions, with full control on how they want to look. There are no fixed costs for being on Eco Fashion Labels”.

Among the readers of Dress ECOde there are also many people who carry on an activity caring for sustainability issues. If they are interested in participating, what should they do?

“If you want to apply to start the onboarding process just visit the website page and fill in the form. If you want to tell us that you got the link here, just write it down in the comment section of the form! We also offer an Affiliation Program if you want to collaborate with us at this link “.

What are the benefits of the presence on Eco Fashion Labels

“Brands can get a worldwide selling channel, and grow their business by showing products to our large international audience, with no fixed fee. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help with managing anything on the platform. We will soon have some marketing packaging available, to get more visibility on our e-shop (featured on homepage, prioritized products in the categories) but also to be featured in paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram. There will also be the possibility to be featured on our blog and in dedicated newsletters. We are aiming to launch in April”.

How and where was the platform born?

“Eco Fashion Labels is a startup born in 2019, from the will of young people to do their part to change the fashion industry. Building a platform to put together all the eco fashion brands is the strategy to bring people closer to the brands and spread the lifestyle. The team is made by different nationalities passionate people who live in different countries and work together to make the most inclusive and diverse platform”.

How’s the presence of Italian brands?

“Italian brands presence is strongly increasing, and it currently includes men and women’s shirts, recycled accessories, beachwear and more”.

Ho visto che aderite a un progetto per piantare alberi (Pledgeling), di cosa si tratta? I saw you take part in a project for planting trees (Pledgeling), what this is about?

“Pledgeling is a program that helps businesses collect money for charity. For every order on the platform we donate 1 dollar to the Greenpeace fund, where for each dollar they plant one tree”.

What are other activities or aspects where you put your effort for a more sustainable fashion?

“We take care of packaging aspect, which is often underestimated. We try to give the most information about sizes and products so that useless returns and changes are avoided to cut extra traffic of packages”.



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