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Climate Fake News – Between hoaxes and cherry picking in search of truth with Serena Giacomin

Within the club Sostenibilità in Clubhouse, we interviewed Serena Giacomin, meteorologist, climatologist and President of the Italian Climate Network.
Thanks to Carlotta Redaelli, we asked Serena some questions about the information available regarding weather and climate change, to understand what the hoaxes are circulating on the subject. Like the fake news in which the Nobel Prize winner Rubbia also fell!

The conversation also led us to touch on other topics such as the difference between meteorology and climatology, denial, the best ways to talk about climate change, in addition to the book “Penguins at the equator” written by Serena with Luca Perri and the projects carried out in the schools.

We thank Serena for her availability and the interesting conversation. Climate change is a difficult subject to understand without adequate scientific preparation. It is perceived badly, perceived as distant in time and space, connected to the concept of renunciation, leading some to deny. Serena instead guides us to observe it from another perspective, pleasant, ironic, lighter, clearer and in terms of advantage, comfort and improvement of our life.

Enjoy listening!

– Introducing Serena
– 3:13 Difference between meteorology and climatology
– 6:32 The quality of weather and climate information in the media
– 12:31 Most popular fake news
– 18:00 Hoaxes and communication of climate change
– 24:20 Deniers and cherry picking
– 25:45 Real situation with reference to climate change and contributing causes
– 30:35 Changing the narrative of climate change
– 37:50 The priorities on which to intervene: mitigation and adaptation actions
– 41:10 What can each of us do
– 45:00 Anthropogenic responsibility in climate change and the “denier cheat sheet”
– 52:43 How to block the deniers?
– 55:30 Confidence in science
– 58:15 The relationship between health emergency and climate emergency
– 1:01:00 Questions from the audience


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