Umanità e natura
Climate change,  Environment/Ambiente,  Nature

Humanity and nature: plant behaviors and the relationship between the two worlds

Within the club “Sostenibilità” on Clubhouse (with Carlotta Redaelli and Stefano Caldirola), we started a wonderful debate on the coexistence between plants, animals and human beings.
A cycle of online meetings where, from the observation of the relationship between humanity and the animal and plant world, reflections arise that affect our way of thinking, living, working and also approaching sustainability.

We and nature. What is our place? Does it make sense to consider ourselves at the center or even sovereign?
Can we learn something from the plant world?
How do the three types of intelligence (vegetable, animal and human) interact?

A panel of speakers:

Stella Saladino, Plants Inspirational Coaching
Jinane Kafrouny, Regency Event Group, Creative Director
Paolo Nassi, Regency Event Group, Founder & CEO
Claudio Acace, QPX
that will enchant you with reflections, stories and scientific notions to discover the wonderful world of plants and let us inspire.
Moda sostenibileThey tell us about plants that solve problems or that approach objects, of manipulations between the plant and animal world, of the relationship with nature in different nations, of the presence of man on this planet, of a future in which plants, human beings and technology could join.
Don’t miss the meetings dedicated to the surprising behaviors of plants from which to draw inspiration. The next will be on June 17, 2021.
You can listen to the panel on ApplePodcasts,  Spreaker and Spotify 👇


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