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The new online marketplace that helps the “small” craft and made in Italy brands

The pandemic, as we know, has made online shopping grow exponentially, bringing even people who have never done it before to digital and actually creating a new buying habit.

This phenomenon has seen above all the big brands as protagonists, both because they are more known and because they are considered more reliable in online sales, penalizing small artisans, emerging designers and small businesses that in general have limited resources to invest in online commerce and therefore less chance of being known.
Yet, small businesses are the heart of the economy, especially in a country like Italy that boasts a vast and very rich artisan fabric in every region. A few months ago a new online shopping marketplace, was born, Mooza, to help the economy of the “little ones”, that is the smaller operators in the sectors of fashion, accessories, design, beauty and other Italian lifestyle goods. The aim is to offer independent brands with Italian craftsmanship quality in an alternative marketplace to the big brands, in order to get out of the logic of mass goods, favoring the purchase and direct contact with local producers. If the vocation of the platform is the unique product, handmade by Italian artisans and designers, some of the independent brands present have taken a further step, choosing sustainability. Here is a selection of the greener artisan brands that can be found on Mooza.

Raffaella Shlegel

A brand inspired by the boundless love for nature and the oceans to create garments and accessories for the sea and beyond. The style is essential, floating like a wave or like the sea breeze and favors comfort in wearability.
Each piece is unique and made with 100% recycled PET yarn, obtained from the use of post-consumer plastic bottles. Other garments are worked in cotton and organic silk.


Photo: Large sarong Cloud of Fish, Raffaella Shlegel on Mooza.









Livido Milano

There are many lovers of vintage, which not only offers a variety of styles, but also the possibility of continuing the life of a garment far beyond common consumption habits. This brand selects garments from the 80s and 90s, only unique pieces.

Discoloration, wear and special signs are part of the past history of each item and increase its charm and originality.


Photo: Missoni mans shirt from 1980, Livido Milano on Mooza.









Artisan brand born a bit for fun, a bit out of passion, it was created by a couple who wanted organic clothing for their children.

Today this “family” brand produces clothing and accessories for the newborn and kids world using both organic materials and fabrics and handcrafted prints, with a touch of fantasy and design.

Photo: Coral customizable organic birth set, BarabanKids on Mooza.








Filo e Foglia

eco stampa vegetaleA brand that follows the idea of another fashion, to be able to dress in an ecological, more sustainable way and with a touch of originality.
With completely handcrafted processing, using natural fibers and vegetable printing with colors of vegetable origin, this brand offers green garments and accessories in which the use of natural fibers is also intense as a return to our roots, looking to the past for a new future.


Photo: ecoprinting stole in pure red and green wool, Filo e Foglia on Mooza.






moda eco tencelArtisan brand that takes up the sartorial tradition of Campania creates eco garments such as this shirt in ecological tencel fabric, extracted from the eucalyptus and beech plant. With finely hand-finished seams for a tailored and authentic made in Italy style.


Photo: Tencel shirt, Chances on Mooza.











Drittofilo Sartoria


Tailoring workshop for bespoke suits uses high quality and low environmental impact fabrics, such as ecological linen.

The passion for reinventing and modernizing even out of fashion garments are the basis of the designer’s philosophy, to continue to give life to things and fabrics.


Photo: palazzo trousers in fuchsia linen, Drittofilo Sartoria on Mooza.








giochi bimbi ecoPer combattere l’abitudine all’usa e getta, questo brand artigianale di giocattoli per bambini, rigorosamente fatti a mano, propone bambole e pupazzi, vestitini e accessori per le bambole da non gettare mai.

Un’idea anche per chi cerca regali per bambini fatti per durare. Ognuno fatto utilizzando solo tessuti e imbottiture biologici ed eco-compattibili.


Nella foto: Pupazzo bambola gattina, Pupis su Mooza.








Filo e Colori di Ila

ecofashionQuando sostenibile significa riutilizzo, ecco un brand tra arte e artigianato all’insegna della personalizzazione e dell’originalità. Ogni pezzo, che varia da capi d’abbigliamento, piccoli quadri ricamati, accessori e bijoux, è fatto esclusivamente con il recupero di materiali.

La designer non compra mai tessuti al metro, ma solo scampoli: da rimanenze industriali, da laboratori di sartoria, da vecchi bauli e da capi d’abbigliamento in disuso. Questo garantisce anche che ogni pezzo è unico e originale, fatto a mano e irripetibile, per uno stile personale lontano dai diktat delle mode.

Nella foto: Vestito caftano lungo, estate, caramello a fiori, Filo e Colori di Ila su Mooza.


Claudia Cesiro, Mooza per Dress Ecode

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