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The ecofashion show is back in Frasso Sabino: designers create wonderful clothes from waste

In the suggestive medieval village of Frasso Sabino, eco-sustainable fashion is back on the scene! We had talked about this iniziative in 2019, unfortunately suspended last year due to the restrictions related to the pandemic.

With the slogan #Change is possible! SfilataFrasso modifies its look: that of 31 July 2021 will be a special edition of the Fashion and Recycling SfilataFrasso, proposed with the organizing committee of ProLoco and the patronage of the Municipality of Frasso Sabino.

“We are not starting where we left off two summers ago. For this year we cannot. But the sustainable passion of the staff, citizens, supporters, partners and friends of the event is more heated than ever. You will find it again. It’s a promise, even if we will not be physically close to all the public present at the previous editions and all our artists. It will be a more intimate but no less powerful edition”, say the organizers of SfilataFrasso.

The public will participate in a dinner within the walls of the Castle with a menu created specifically for the occasion. The models will parade along the streets of the town, getting off the stage and overcoming distances.

The ten artists of recycling in the competition were selected among the top finishers of the last seven editions. A jury made up of journalists and fashion, fashion and green professionals decreed the winner: we’ll be there too!
With great pleasure we immediately accepted the invitation. Initiatives like these combine many positive aspects: raising awareness of waste production, the topic of upcycling so dear to those of us who deal with sustainable fashion, the enhancement of the wonderful villages of our country, the involvement of citizens in environmental initiatives, the contamination between art and fashion, the stimulus to the creativity of designers.

“The clothes will be, as per regulation, made exclusively with trash and waste materials, ready more than ever to send the message: #NonSonoDaButtare! (#NotToBeWasted!). 
The pandemic has raised more than ever the issue of the difficulty of waste disposal. Our handling of disposable materials has changed (also). We have used and are using millions, even billions, of masks and gloves, essential for health, but not without difficulties in terms of disposal”. The official partner of the event is the Circolo Legambiente Bassa Sabina, which will assign the special Sustainable Passion award.

It will be possible to follow the parade on the official social channels of the event. To know more:

–  Facebook page
Instagram profile

Information to book and participate in the dinner will be available on the website of the Pro Loco di Frasso Sabino in the coming weeks. Places are limited according to current legislation.


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