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Vintage and second-hand: a sector that matters!

Sometimes we have the impression that the second-hand and vintage sector is considered “second-class” in the fashion world. Instead, we would like to give the importance it deserves to the activities that deal with it. Also due to its crucial role in spreading a more conscious approach to purchasing, it deserves a place of honor in sustainable fashion and in the field of sustainability.

Thus was born the initiative dedicated to this sector. We want to provide concrete and truthful data on a very atomized market. The goal is to allow the players that make it up to orient themselves in a strategic way, considering the current world trend that will lead second-hand fashion to overcome fast fashion by 2028.

Find out in the gallery what it is! If you sell vintage or second-hand fashion, participate by writing us: So many stores are already joining! Don’t miss the chance to learn more about what other businesses similar to yours do.

If you are a supporter of second-hand purchases and would like to help businesses in the sector, you can also contribute to giving importance to these realities by sharing this article and spreading the word.

It is time to make this sector the protagonist!

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