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Make the most of your voice: a tool to communicate sustainability (and not only)

You can listen to the live interview here (in Italian): La vita nella voce


Especially for those who work in the field of sustainability, it is important to use one more tool we have at our disposal: the voice. Because it is a means by which we can bring our values ​​linked to environmental protection and respect for people.

For this reason, with great pleasure we have created this live on Instagram, which is also an episode of the Audio-à-porter podcast, with Giulia Seganfreddo. Giulia is a holistic voice operator, founder of the project La vita nella voce. She tells us how to authentically communicate who we are and what we believe in.

It is a live interview also designed for brands and artisans who are committed to sustainability. If these messages do not arrive, in this moment in which the consumer is also very confused by greenwashing, we risk having more difficulties in selling our service or product linked to sustainability. I really want to give this opportunity, thanks to Giulia, to use an extra tool, to help those who really work to reduce their impact on the environment, help other people,  and respect others.

Towards the end of the episode, Giulia analyzes my voice, to verify how sincere I am in talking about sustainability issues. She tested me 🙂

I hope you will find Giulia’s advice useful, and maybe you will try a path with her, in order to reach your goals also thanks to your voice!

You can find Giulia on:



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