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Upcycling: 2 workshops to create accessories and little eco-animals

Going back live to organize workshops is a real emotion, we missed it. And it doesn’t matter if the journey is long (and a bit boring) or if the weather is gray. The goal of the day is more important: to recover waste garments and fabrics by creating something new, to bring us closer to a more responsible consumption model.
On Sunday 3 October, with Carlotta Redaelli, we held two workshops thanks to Mani Tese, at the Giardini in Transito in Milan:

  • Belli capelli con l’upcycling (“Nice hair with the upcycle”)

Workshop for adults to make hair accessories, turbans, headbands and scrunches by recovering waste fabrics.

  • Immagina e crea il tuo eco-animaletto (“Imagine and create your little eco-animal”)

Workshop for children (6-10 years) to create animals with recycled fabrics.

Silhouettes, pins, needles, pencils, chalks, spools, scissors, fabrics… the long table set up for the occasion was full of materials, and of hands industriously working to make their own accessory. Many people have tried their hand at recovering a fabric, drawing, cutting and sewing. Even those who did not know how to use needle and thread. There are those who have chosen to create a turban, some a headband, some scrunches. And also those who joined the children in choosing an eco-pet! The idea was to separate the two workshops, but in the end young and less young  joined the table, and in the midst of that creative chaos for a moment I thought: “Will we be able to follow everyone well? But, above all, will they be having fun?”.

While Carlotta coordinated experienced and inexperienced eco-fashion designers of turbans, headbands and scrunches, I let myself be carried away by the enthusiasm of those who created eco-animals. Samu, 3 and a half years old, chose a dinosaur, absolutely green: because that’s how he saw it at the museum! When you choose upcycling, you know, the materials are those available: it is the design that follows the raw material, not the other way around. Search and search  again we found a military green fabric perfect for the dinosaur!

The best part of these workshops is the final satisfaction of the participants, the joy of having created with their own hands, of not having bought, of having saved a possible refusal.

The extra happiness for us was being together live: Anne-Laure and I finally in person! And meeting Carlotta, Mayra Sallie and Grazia, , directly from the Club Sostenibilità on clubhouse. Chiara from Gipsy cip also came to give us a hand!

At the end of the workshop, the garments di Cooperativa Sociale Mani Tese, Sartoria Sociale Manigolde and Oso, because “Another fashion is possible”!
The event was born from a collaboration between: Cooperativa ManiTese Onlus Manigolde Giardini in Transito – Giardino Comunitario Lea Garofalo Carlotta Redaelli Dress ECOdeLato B – l’altro lato di Milano Corte delle Madri NaturaSì

The next will be in Verona, will you be there too?

Click on the image below to see the photos:

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