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The “trashed” sneakers is dividing the fashion world

The “trashed” Paris sneakers from Balenciaga trigger conflicting opinions: there are those who criticize them harshly and those who instead recognize the creative value.

Click on the video below to discover why:


We asked readers to share their opinion on Paris sneakers.

Lavinia De Nero Papa, image consultant

How many times have we seen the personalization of fashion items by artists. Remember Louis Vuitton? In my district there is a famous craftsman who made pit shoes. He buried them for some time and afterwards they were aged and worn.
I will not tell you the price.
Now it is absurd to us.
For an ethical question.
Yet you see that he got the his result.
As long as you talk about it…


Elisa Ripamonti, educator, support teacher and green mother
I’m so out of fashion that if I didn’t read you, I never would have known. It seems to me a total nonsense.
1. Do you want to launch the fashion that even used and dirty is fine? Then use a real used one, not a fictitious aging at exorbitant costs, because it is the exact opposite of the value of the purchase of used goods, which allows the garment to have more lives before ending up in landfills.
2. Do you need people who also think about it? Models or wearers? Maybe a fact of reality was enough, a look at the real world of most people, who use shoes until they are no longer wearable, or at least, this is the piece of the world to which I belong, even if perhaps now, even the guys compete to have everything clean, tidy, new etc.
Stampalanatura, sustainable wedding
An affront to true poverty 😒
Atelier biologico Firenze, sustainable knitwear clothes in natural and organic fibers
1,500 euros? For shoes aged on purpose ?! I think it can be compared to how when food is wasted.



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