Arianna, founder of Dress Ecode®

Arianna Dress Ecode

"I wish to help save the world by respecting people, animals and nature. It is for this reason that the project of Dress Ecode was born (you can read here our mission and values >)

I wish to help who wants to adopt a lifestyle more careful to the people and the environment both in their private and professional life, by spreading information and through consultancies to brands, companies and artisans".

“With almost 20 years of experience in management consultancy, mainly for HR managers in large multinationals, I have analysed, elaborated and presented a vast amount of market data to advice to a broad number of clients on management policies. In recent years I have decided to combine the interest in people to the care for the environment by starting a new path on sustainability. I am realizing my dream to combine both professional and personal values and objectives into one!


After the completion of the University degree (Business Administration) I have never ceased to study and acquire new knowledge. In recent years I have been participating with continuity in courses on sustainability, both on a business levels and on fashion aspects. After having completed the course on Sustainable Business Strategy at Harvard Business School, I have been even more convinced about the righteousness of the new undertaking as it is possible – and necessary – to manage activities in a sustainable way.


I have learned the possibilities of creating clothing while respecting people and the environment also thanks to the course Sustainable Fashion Design at London College of Fashion. I like keep going deepening my knowledge on technics on ecofashion design.

I followed many courses on fashion and sustainability, especially abroad.

With the Green HR course, I decided to continue to follow also projects in the field of Human Resources to help companies achieve sustainability goals through HR tools.

I take part in environmental and social campaigns and I also dedicate myself to the cleaning of natural areas from trash. I took part in the Plastic Whale Heritage expedition to clean Norwegian coasts and I also meet with students in schools to tell the story of the whale with plastic in the stomach, to increase awareness on the environmental impact of our waste.

Bici moda sostenibile

I try to follow a healthy and green way of living, by respecting people and nature.

I might not be perfect at it, but I try my hardest to do so. I try to live first-hand what we divulge in this website and this allows me to stumble upon difficulties and satisfactions you may live as well.
I decided to give life to this project to make this journey in company. The birth of Dress ECOde, and of its name and logo with the panda, happened while reunited with my family during a difficult time is a beautiful story to tell. Maybe one day I will do it, and if you want to know it, I will gladly recount it. Thank you to all my family members that now and then have always spiritually supported me for this project.

Lastly, thank you that contribute to make our ecological footprint a little lighter”!