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"I combined Human Resources + Sustainability + Strategy + Writing in a mix of experiences and skills that allow to see things in a new and innovative way.

I support brands in change projects. I bring order, concreteness and coherence to business ideas, I outline sustainability strategies, I find more ethical and ecological solutions and materials.

I write 'greenly'. I find the right words to talk about sustainability. I spread the principles of ethical and ecological fashion. I tirelessly explore the world of fashion and sustainability. I research and analyze data on the sector.

Together with a team of professionals, whom I carefully select, with expertise in sustainability, I carry out the projects described above."

Arianna De Biasi, degree from Bocconi, Master in Business Administration (MBA) in sustainable fashion management (at SUMAS), and certification in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School. After a long experience in large companies as a management consultant in human resources, she added care for the environment to her interest in people, giving life to the Dress ECOde project and the Pop-up Green podcast.unnamed

"I take part in environmental and social campaigns and I also dedicate myself to the cleaning of natural areas from trash. I took part in the Plastic Whale Heritage expedition to clean Norwegian coasts and I also meet with students in schools to tell the story of the whale with plastic in the stomach, to increase awareness on the environmental impact of our waste".


"I'm engaged in improving the life on the planet by respecting people, animals and nature. It is for this reason that the project of Dress Ecode was born (you can read here our mission and values).

I wish to help who wants to adopt a lifestyle more careful to the people and the environment both in their private and professional life.

I try to follow a green way of living, by respecting people and nature.I try to live first-hand what we divulge in this website and this allows me to stumble upon difficulties and satisfactions you may live as well."


Sula - Collaboration on Sustainable Fashion

Sulakshana Chemudupati graduated from a premiere fashion institute in India and has worked for 15 years in the fashion retail industry as a design professional with successful mainstream brands in India and UAE, which strengthened her skills in trend forecasting, design and product development.

Reacting to the rising environmental and social impact of the fashion industry and backed by a passion for Sustainability, she completed her MBA in Sustainability Management from SUMAS, Switzerland in 2022.

Pivoting to sustainable fashion since early 2023, she now works as an independent Sustainable Fashion Consultant, in Portugal & India, with a portfolio of projects that involve global sustainability trends, ensuring viability of circular fashion, promoting supply chain transparency and influencing conscious consumer choices.

Her primary focus is to create products & processes that prioritize planetary and societal well being.



Anne-Laure (but Anne is okay!) Petton was born in Lyon and has lived in Milan since 2006. In 2017 she moved towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Having discovered zero waste, self-production and the need to reduce plastic, she decided to open a dissemination profile on Instagram and subsequently a podcast on the imperfection that lies within each of us when it comes to sustainability. But it wasn't enough: Anne wanted to actively take part in a sustainable project.

This is why she joined Dress Ecode! Together with Arianna she works on building the consultancy soul of the project, in particular on second-hand. "Working on a project of this caliber is a privilege and it's an honor to do it in such a dynamic and diverse team like the one Arianna has built, discovering every day different ways of spreading sustainability in the world of fashion", says Anne.


Annamaria V

After reading fairy tales and stories as a mother, Annamaria is the main voice of the podcast Pop-up Green, where she reads Dress Ecode audio articles.

She had a long career in administration, dreaming of writing a book. She oversaw the revision of the drafts of the legal review Il Nuovo Diritto. She lent her voice in audiobooks for

Il Libro Parlato of Associazione Unione Italiana Ciechi e degli Ipovedenti of Modena, from 1998 until moving to another region in 2008.

With Arianna she is committed to cleaning waste from the environments, aiming to improving the living conditions of the present and future inhabitants of our planet.



We enjoy working with many people to achieve our mission.

For consultancy projects we count on selected and reliable professionals: fashion designers, sustainability evaluation experts, consultants specialized in sustainable fashion.

Are you a freelance professional? If you want to join the network, write to us.