Dress Ecode® is a project aimed at informing and consulting for a more sustainable fashion.

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What you can do


What we can do together

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In this section we show, updating it, the initiatives that allow us to join other people who want a more sustainable fashion and lifestyle from a social and environmental point of view. You will find ideas to achieve this goal with concrete gestures.

Farfalla azzurro_verde

What you can do

You have decided to reduce your impact on the environment, but you read different indications from all over... How much confusion! Now many are talking about sustainable fashion, primarily companies, fashion magazines, influencers, Facebook groups. This is the reason why in the Information section we try to give you objective indications and reliable suggestions on small and big steps you can take, studying and deepening a lot before writing our articles.

Yes, but what can we do in practice?

We throw away all the clothes we have in the closet to buy bamboo and organic cotton garments.

We no longer buy anything for twenty years.

We only buy very expensive garments from companies that write “natural” and “green” on their website.

We wear all beige dresses with a raw effect.

We go into fast fashion stores to protest loudly.

No no, these are not the actions necessary to make our footprint lighter! Each of us has values that we believe in and aspects that we value most, a lifestyle and personal habits. This is why each of us will choose a level of sustainability that we want and can achieve.

We can dress in a sustainable and responsible way without giving up our style and without necessarily resorting to expensive purchases

If you are on our site for the first time or for a short time, or if you want to clarify your ideas, find out here some information on what you can find and how you can start this journey with us.

In our more conscious consumption model we suggest:


Other actions we recommend:

  • Participate in campaigns to ask for more transparency from companies (in our articles, Information section, we present those we participate in)
  • Take care of your clothes to make them last over time
  • Buy fewer but quality clothing and accessories that fit you well and will love you for a long time
  • Choose a Dress Ecode with many useful resources: the INTRODUCTORY KIT, the MAP of sustainable clothing stores (the first in Italy! created in 2018 and updated with care), the NEWS and ADVICE of Dress Ecode
  • Take courses and workshops to learn how to create some clothes and accessories or to make small repairs
  • Show people around you that choosing clothing more consciously is possible
  • Organize a swap party to swap clothes between family members and friends
  • Ask someone to make a more sustainable version of everyday items for you (eg make-up disks, hair bands, dust-catching cloths, scarves, etc.) if you don't have the skills or time to create yourself. We have prepared a list of people throughout Italy who are available to create for you.

Yes, but what can I solve by myself?


What we can do together

Sometimes we forget the strength of the actions of several people oriented towards the same mission. Our purchasing decisions, for example, by joining those of other people help to guide the strategies of fashion companies.

Some things Dress Ecode does and you can do with us:


We organize and perform






Do you want to invite us? Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • The impact of the fashion industry on climate change
  • Our wardrobe: the social and environmental impact
  • Ecofashion: a theoretical and practical introductory course to live the experience of sustainable fashion designers
  • Refashion and upcycling: workshops to modernize and reuse everything that remains in our closet
  • How to buy clothing and accessories more consciously
  • The more sustainable fabrics: which ones to choose and where to find them

We participate in and promote social and environmental campaigns. Activism is part of our commitment. We organize initiatives and in the section Information we propose campaigns you can participate in. If you wish to report or take action together write to us
We are ambassadors of the Slow Fashion Season campaign.

During the block due to COVID-19, we launched the #sosteniamoilsostenibile initiative and the corresponding hashtag to support Made in Italy crafts and sustainable products in the fashion sector. We post on the page and on Instagram 3 photos + 3 'question and answer' questions to present the work of those who work in this sector. We wish to introduce you to these realities to help you face this moment
Do you want to support them too? You can like, share, support their channels, write an appreciation. Let's support them!
If you are a craftsman or produce sustainable clothing / accessories contact us (


When you have difficulty finding a garment or an accessory, you can tell us and we will do a search to help you. In addition, we help you create a more sustainable wardrobe with personalized advice(send us an email to know the costs).


We visit schools, professional institutes, universities to hold lectures and workshops on the theme of sustainable fashion. If you want to meet us, contact us and we will be happy to come.


If you have a sustainable brand or business, we will tell you on a dedicated page what we can do together.


We are available to write articles and create collaborations in line with our mission. At the moment:

  • With Sara Alberghini, chemical expert and author of Mammachimica, we have published 6 articles to shed light on the world of ecological laundry, in which, as Mammachimica says, "the eco-smart is always lurking!". (The first interview is here). Bucato ecologico
  • With Daniela Cento, an expert in tailoring, and with Lavinia Busetto, who supports Dress Ecode with her precious advice on vintage and second-hand, we organized an ecofashion workshop, guests of Lo Speziale Locanda in Verona (you can read here). Ecofashion moda sostenibile
  • Invited by Valentina D'Amora, we have written a chapter dedicated to the most responsible clothing purchases in the GEco guide, which with its practical suggestions will be useful if you want to become more sustainable step by step by helping to change things. All proceeds go to the Mascherona anti-violence center in Genoa, struggling with one of the most treacherous and least known side effects of quarantine: domestic violence. You can buy the book here:
  • With M. Giulia Gaudenzi and Lodovica Cattani we organize Eco Swap parties, to exchange clothes and raise awareness on the impact of our clothing on climate changes. The events are organized in partnership with The Climate Reality Project -Team Europe, of which we are part with Lodovica (we wrote about it here).
  • With Jessica Pellegrino, image coach, we have created a path in 6 steps to rediscover our beauty by purchasing in a more conscious way, discovering how to dress by carefully choosing clothes that fit us well and that make us feel good (the introductory episode is here). On Jessica's platform, Strong, we write articles on sustainable fashion (you can sign up here, selecting Strong, to read them alongside those of a group of professionals who are experts in different topics).
  • With Sfashion-net we are partners to spread an alternative option to fast fashion. We create for them Brand in focus, a cycle of interviews, which you can find in the section Info, on the fashion micro-enterprises on their platform. Sfashion-net is a portal that brings together brands, projects and micro-enterprises of critical fashion, with the aim of giving them visibility, of spreading a real alternative to fast fashion consumption and of creating a network, a cohesive community and active in realities that, while remaining independent from each other, can get to know each other, get in touch, develop shared strategies and projects. Furthermore, brands can benefit from consultancy, training and services dedicated to their type of business