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    Biodesign: the possible future of fashion

    We are being urged to reconsider what we eat, how we travel, and what we buy to lessen our collective environmental impact, which is frequently marketed under the term “sustainability.” But shouldn’t sustainability be fundamentally incorporated into how things are designed and made if we’re going to drastically reduce climate impact on the scale necessary to stop climate change? What environmentally friendly way to create houses, clothes, cars, and food? Following nature’s blueprint and incorporating biological systems into the creation of objects, according to a growing community of designers and scientists, will help ensure that they are symbiotic with our planet rather than parasitic or polluting it. Let’s get deep…

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    Greenwashing: i 7 peccati da evitare

    Quali ti capita di vedere più frequentemente? Quale ti fa arrabbiare di più? Qual è più difficile da smascherare? Se vuoi conoscere 6 modi per individuare il greenwashing, leggi qui. Vuoi evitare il greenwashing nella tua comunicazione? Scrivici per sapere cosa possiamo fare per te Fonte: TerraChoice

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    A bitter story for Audio-à-porter

    It was not easy to make this communication. We don’t give up, but… A sense of powerlessness in the face of the arrogance of the bigger companies. Is it right to appropriate commonly used terms? Why deal with so many small brands, when there is no remote risk of a real threat? Appropriating common words scares me. We would like to make this story known. Thanks for your help. I’ve waited a long time to post this message. Because it’s not easy to tell what happened and also because, since it’s something to do with lawyers, I had to wait before talking about it. A few years ago Audio-à-Porter was…

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    Shein: Channel 4’s investigation into Chinese factories

    Channel 4 enters Shein’s Chinese factories undercover and tells the dark social side of fast fashion. The video investigation, entitled Inside the Shein Machine: UNTOLD, brings to light the conditions of the workers who produce the garments of the ultra-fast fashion giant: they work 7 days a week up to 18 hours a day they don’t have a break, the employees are forced to wash their hair during their lunch break they only have one day off per month they make 500 items of clothing a day they are paid a maximum of 4,000 yuan per month (about 550 euros) for every mistake made, they lose 2/3 of their daily…

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    Patagonia vs Fast Fashion – Leaders in comparison

    Who is behind Patagonia? And Shein? What about Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, Primark? The latest decision of the founder Chouinard leads to reflect on who is behind the most well-known clothing companies with missions other than the brand in the outdoor sector. Yvon Chouinard and family have transferred the ownership of the Patagonia brand, worth about 3 billion euros, to an NGO. The news is not surprising: for some time Chouinard told of his different idea of capitalism. Patagonia once again proves to be a brand with a long-term and credible sustainability plan. “You’ve got to reinvent capitalism altogether. It leads to a whole bunch of poor people and a few extremely…

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    H&M sued for misleading marketing: false and inaccurate data

    Thanks to a collective action against H&M, this time it is in the United States that the truthfulness of the information on sustainability communicated by the Swedish giant is being investigated. On July 22, Chelsea Commodore filed a lawsuit in a federal court in New York alleging that H&M is engaging in misleading practices and advertising “taking advantage of consumer interest” in sustainability and products that “do not harm the environment” . According to Commodore, a consumer could reasonably believe such claims, particularly considering that H&M is a nationally recognized company. The fast fashion brand is accused of “trying to differentiate itself from other fashion products with greenwashing”. Practice deemed…

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    5 more sustainable brands of underwear for men

    Choosing men’s underwear in a more sustainable way may not be easy. Most of our articles focus on how to dress in a greener and more ethical way, on materials, on production and other business processes, on a more conscious consumption. We also like to talk about brands and shops where to find new clothes, to make life easier when you need to buy them. Underwear is not a type of garment for which we can easily draw from the second-hand world. For this we indicate 5 more sustainable brands for men that you can consider if you are looking for these garments. MANIERE ITALIANE Underwear, swimwear and sportswear “We decided…

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    H&M and Norrøna: the Norwegian authority’s warning for misleading marketing risk

    H&M and Norrøna received a warning from the Norwegian Consumer Authority (CA), an independent administrative body tasked with overseeing the market to enforce buyer protection laws. On June 16, the CA sent a letter to Norrøna, H&M and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (supplier of the Higg Material Sustainability Index – MSI) to point out that the environmental benefits declared in marketing campaigns and linked to the Higg index must be true and not exaggerated. The textile industry must be aware that the commercialization of environmental benefits, which is based on the sector MS index, can easily be considered misleading and illegal. When the apparel industry and other industries use environmental…

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    The “trashed” sneakers is dividing the fashion world

    The “trashed” Paris sneakers from Balenciaga trigger conflicting opinions: there are those who criticize them harshly and those who instead recognize the creative value. Click on the video below to discover why:   We asked readers to share their opinion on Paris sneakers. Lavinia De Nero Papa, image consultant How many times have we seen the personalization of fashion items by artists. Remember Louis Vuitton? In my district there is a famous craftsman who made pit shoes. He buried them for some time and afterwards they were aged and worn. I will not tell you the price. Now it is absurd to us. For an ethical question. Yet you see…

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    Primark: does more sustainable cotton mean sustainability?

    Does more sustainable cotton automatically indicate a brand’s sustainability? Primark communicates the progress of the Sustainable Cotton Program and there is nothing but talk of sustainability after the launch of the Primark Cares line. The Irish fashion retailer, owned by Associated British Foods (ABF), says it aims for garments to last longer, to reduce the company’s impact on the planet and to improve the lives of the people who make the products. In the section dedicated to sustainability, between attention to the environment and commitment to people the multitude of virtuous messages strikes the reader. Is this really the case if we take a closer look at the data? Why…