Dress Ecode® is a project aimed at informing and consulting for a more sustainable fashion.

Our mission is to change the world of fashion to be greener and more ethical and to spread more sustainable fashion.

Every item of clothing tells a story. We want every story to be sustainable, advising on how to make clothes in a more humane and ecological way.

Moreover, we would like to help the people who are looking to adopt a more responsible lifestyle also in the way they dress, showing that it isn’t hard (nor so expensive) to dress green and fair without giving up on our style.

It isn’t just about sustainable fashion:

we all wear clothing and through the choice of what we wear we have an impact on both people and environment.



Dress Ecode

We are committed to live respecting people, animals and the environment with the objective of contributing to create a world in which to live better together.


Studying, creating, generating ideas, putting effort, knowledge and skills at the service of others.

We help, collaborate, tell, teach, advise and engage in social and environmental campaigns, promoting and participating in actions in defense of people and the environment.


Biocentrism (from Greek βίος bios, "life" and κέντρον kentron, "center")

It is a philosophical concept that first appeared in 1970. According to it, man is only one of the countless elements in the universe, and because of this it has to respect all other forms of life and live in harmony with animals and plants. Biocentrism asserts to claim the primordial value of life. It proposes that all living things have the same right to exist, to develop and express themselves autonomously. Therefore, human activity has to try to minimize its impact on other species and on the planet itself (source: wikipedia).


It is a philosophical trend born at the end of the XX century and its bases are on the sustainable development of the environment and of the free commons for future generations. This philosophy follows the actions and thinking of the rational individual (man) that has to focus exclusively on the environment, on taking care of it and its preservation. (source: wikipedia). Unlike anthropocentrism, it seeks to promote the well-being of the entire environment, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity and the health of the planet.



“In the field of sustainability I take inspiration from my grandma Pina by following her example: having lived in uneasy times, she was making beautiful creations by reusing, modernizing and repairing what she had by avoiding waste (what we today call upcycling, reconstruction, refashion and zero waste).

Next to her, while she was making clothing item also for my dolls with whatever there was, my passion that is now the driving force of the project was born."

Arianna, Dress Ecode's founder
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Dress Ecode News

Dress Ecode® News is a slow and independent source of information.

Dress Ecode helps you engaging in being an objective source. Purposely, we are not supported by fashion brands, but we remain an independent voice. In the case in which we were to receive a compensation for a commissioned article ad hoc, we would transparently say so. Some events instead might be organized in partnership with sustainable/artisan brands or companies acting as sponsors and we would communicate this always with transparency. (If you are interested in a partnership write us).

We interview and tell what we know directly or after having investigated and researched a topic. The articles, unless stated otherwise, are written by the founder of this project (Arianna De Biasi). When we involve others, we recognize their contribution by displaying their autographs. Want to write for us? Contact us! We ask to accept and follow the guidelines written in a document in which we explain our tone of voice and ethical stance.

Tone of voice

In Christmas 2019 Dress Ecode® News launched a new podcast channel (Audio-à-porter), to be more inclusive and to allow our audience to follow the articles if they prefer listening to them. Today the podcast is called Pop-up Green and you can find it on Spotify, Spreaker, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.




We suggest a more sustainable approach to consumption* that is born and followed by the question we ask ourselves when we feel the necessity to buy something: “Do I really need this?”. On the website you can find articles on conscious consumption, upcycle, recycle, rental, swap, DIY, second-hand proposals as well from vintage and brands committed to sustainability. We do not just show you where to buy, but we dedicate ourselves to spread this more responsible model of consumption by writing articles, and by delivering workshops, courses, lectures and events.


* Inspired by Sarah Lazarovic’s revisited version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid.



Dress Ecode® is moderately present on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. These platforms are an instrument to create a connection and to share information in a more direct way compared to our website. We don’t want to assail you with posts and sponsorships so that you passively read and thus entering the mechanics of commercial algorithms; we would like you to arrive at us spontaneously because you want to read us for the quality of our writing, because we have been recommended by someone you know in real life, or because you met us somewhere and you liked us. We prefer to reach you by email. So you can read us when you like most and not because we appear on your wall.


"Community" is a trend word nowadays. For us community has a different value, away from social and into real lives. Do you want to support us? Recommend us to your friends, invite us to talk to them call us, write us, spread our message and suggest to others our services. Meet us.

If you want to know more about our vision on social media platforms, we have written about it in this article.