Why & Ethos

Our manifesto 

We would like to help who aim to embrace a more responsible life style  also in dressing, showing that dressing green and fair is not so difficult (neither so expensive)! It is a challenge to be today 100% sustainable, but it is possible to make small and huge steps according to the level of sustainability we would like to reach.

We are committed to living with respect for people, animals and the environment, with the aim of helping to create a world in which to live better together.

How? Studying, creating, generating ideas, putting at the service of others commitment and gifts and, in the field of sustainability,
following the example of Grandma Pina: living in difficult times, she created wonderful creations reusing, modifying, repairing what she had, avoiding wasting (what we now call upcycling, reconstruction, refashion and zero waste). Next to her, while creating clothes for dolls with what was there, a passion for zero waste design, refashion and upcycling was born, beginning learning the basics of sewing.

We help, we collaborate, we tell, we teach and above all we engage in social and environmental campaigns, promoting and participating in actions in defense of people and the environment. You will find articles on our site regarding the commitment in schools. Moreover, Dress Ecode has decided to become ambassador of Slow Fashion Season.

(What we offer)

Biocentrism (from the Greek βιος, bios, “life”; and κέντρον, kentron, “center”) is a philosophical conception that appeared in the 1970s according to which man is only one of the innumerable elements of the universe, and is therefore held to respect all other life forms and to live in harmony with animals and plants, biocentrism claims to claim the primordial value of life. It proposes that all living beings have the same right to exist, to develop and to express themselves with autonomy. Human activity will therefore have to try to cause the least possible impact on other species and on the planet itself (source: wikipedia).

Ecocentrism is a philosophical current born at the end of the twentieth century, and based on the sustainable development of the environment and free goods for future generations. This philosophy is based on the actions and rational thoughts of the individual (man) who must focus exclusively on the environment, its care and its conservation (source: wikipedia).

Our model of a more sustainable consumption

We propose a more sustainable approach to consumption*, which arises and is accompanied by the question we ask ourselves when we feel the need to buy: “Do I really need it?”. On the site you will find articles on consumer awareness, reuse, recycling, borrowing, swapping, do-it-yourself, proposals for the purchase of second-hand, vintage and from brands that are committed to sustainability. We do not simply show addresses of where to buy, we commit instead ourselves both through our articles and through workshops, courses, lessons and events to spread this more responsible consumption model.

* Inspired by Maslow’s pyramid of needs revised by Sarah Lazarovic